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HOKKAIDO Walk-a-pedia is a monthly web magazine, whose title is based on the meaning of a "walking encyclopedia of Hokkaido." This tourism information booklet introduces the abundant nature, excellent environment, safe food and charming citizens of Hokkaido, an Asian resort area for high-end travelers from around the world. The tourism-related information is collected and released by members of Hokkaido's international community.

Life in Hokkaido continues as normal

Despite the recent earthquake and subsequent problems in the Tohoku region of Japan,
Hokkaido remains physically unscathed by the disaster, and Sapporo is located approximately 630 km (390 miles) away from the Fukushima nuclear plant.
Life here continues as usual in a completely safe and peaceful environment, and there are no concerns whatsoever regarding tourism or the staging of events, conferences or conventions.
Please refer to the following website for results of radiation monitoring in Hokkaido.

Radiation Monitoring in Hokkaido



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