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Symposium on Physical Chemistry and Catalysis (PCC)
Symposium on Analytical and Environmental Chemistry (AEC)
Symposium on Polymer and Materials Chemisrty (PMC)
Symposium on Food and Medicinal Chemistry (FMC)
Special Symposium:Zeolite and Catalysis Towards Process High Efficiency(ZCP)
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Up-grade Lecture to Plenary or Keynote If you wish to up-grade your lecture to plenary or keynote, please choose one or both.
Plenary Lecture (Lecture Reward 50,000JPY)
Keynote Lecture (Lecture Reward 30,000JPY)
Lecture Award program for skill-up for invited speakers and oral speakers (fee 10,000JPY)
Join the Lecture Award program (participation fee 10,000JPY)
Lecture Award will be given Top 10% with Certificate and 50,000JPY
Student Lecture Award program for level-up. for graduate student
Join the Student Lecture Award Program (fee 10,000JPY)
Student Lecture Award will be given Top 20% with certificate and 25,000JPY
Symposium Award (Information)
Among Plenary lecture point, keynote lecture point and lecture Award point, at least one of them is at least one of them is in top 50% with high Introduction point. Symposium Award will be given Top 5% with certificate and 50,000 JPY. Award lecture should be given at the Symposium.
participate (8,400 JPY)
not participate
participate (5,200 JPY)
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