ICOMC 2014 in Sapporo, Japan July 13-18,2014 XXVI International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry


The hotel information below is provided by our official travel agency, JTB Corp.

At the time of the conference, hotels in Sapporo are extremely busy. We strongly recommend making reservations as early as possible.

Accommodation date: Thu. July 10 – Fri. July 18, 2014

  • The rate includes breakfast, tax and service charge.
  • The rates listed are per night/per person. (NOT per room)
  • Please state the name of the other guest when sharing a twin room.
  • Some hotels accept requests for non-smoking rooms, however such rooms may not be available.
  • Please inform us of your 2nd choice hotel, just in case the 1st choice is not available.
  • Rooms are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.

If you have any requests for accommodation, please contact at the accommodation desk.

Hotel To the Venue Code Room

*per person
Subway: Nishi 11 Chome Station (Venue) Area
A Royton Royton Sapporo 0-minute walk A-1 Twin room for single occupancy 13,200 JPY
A-2 Twin 9,000 JPY
B Sapporo Prince Hotel Sapporo Prince Hotel 5-minute walk B-1 Twin room for single occupancy 19,600 JPY
B-2 Twin 13,250 JPY
C Hotel Sapporo Geibunkan
1-minute walk C-1 Single 5,500 JPY
C-2 Twin 4,400 JPY
D Hotel Hamilton Sapporo 8-minute walk D-1 Single 8,500 JPY
D-2 Twin 6,350 JPY
E Tokyo Dome Hotel Sapporo 5-minute walk E-1 Single 12,700 JPY
E-2 Twin 10,000 JPY
Sapporo Station Area
F Keio Plaza Hotel Sapporo 15-min by subway and walk

5-minute by taxi
F-1 Single 17,600 JPY
F-2 Twin 14,300 JPY
G JR Tower Hotel Nikko Sapporo 15-min by subway and walk

7-minute by taxi
G-1 Single 21,300 JPY
G-2 Twin 19,000 JPY
Subway: Odori Station Area
H Hotel Resol Trinity Sapporo 10-minute walk H-1 Single 11,000 JPY
H-2 Twin 11,000 JPY
I Sapporo Grand Hotel 10-minute walk I-1 Single 17,200 JPY
I-2 Twin 15,000 JPY
J Hotel Sapporo Garden Palace 7-minute walk J-1 Single 11,000 JPY
K APA Hotel Sapporo 7-minute walk K-2 Twin 7,000 JPY
L Hotel Sunroute New Sapporo 12-min by subway and walk

5-minute by taxi
L-1 Single 11,500 JPY
L-2 Twin 10,500 JPY
M Hotel Hokke Club Sapporo 12-min by subway and walk
6-minute by taxi
M-1 Single 10,000 JPY
M-2 Twin 8,900 JPY
N Sapporo Sumire Hotel 12-min by subway and walk

6-minute by taxi
N-1 Single 8,800 JPY
N-2 Twin 7,700 JPY
Subway Station: Susukino
O Hotel Ronshan Sapporo 15-min by subway and walk

10-minute by taxi
O-1 Single 7,700 JPY
Subway Station: Nakajima Koen Area
P Hotel North City 20-min by subway and walk

11-minute by taxi
P-1 Single 6,600 JPY
P-2 Twin 6,200 JPY
Q Hotel Lifort Sapporo 20-min by subway and walk

12-minute by taxi
Q-1 Single 8,800 JPY
Q-2 Twin 7,500 JPY

As all the single rooms at Hotel Sapporo Geibunkan are fully booked on July 15, 2014, it cannot be used on that day. Please bear this in mind when making reservations.

A further 1,000 JPY per person shall be added to the rates for reservations on the night of Fri. July 11.

A further 2,000 JPY per person shall be added to the rates for reservations on the night of Sat. July 12.

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To find the subway route

Please check your ways on this map.

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How to Book Your Room
  1. 1. Applications can only be accepted via fax or E-mail to the accommodation desk.
  2. 2. Please fill in the necessary information and send the application form by fax +81-11-222-5102 or E-mail jtb_spktaikai@hkd.jtb.jp. Please click the "Application Form" button at the bottom of this page.
  3. 3. Once the application form has been received, the room shall be reserved if it is available. Confirmation of the reservation shall then be sent to you and the fee shall be charged to your credit card.
  4. 4. Payment can only be made by credit card. Please include the credit card information in the fax or E-mail.
  5. 5. The rate can only be accepted in Japanese yen.

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Application Deadline

Thu, June 5, 2014

*Hotel rooms may not be booked by ICOMC2014 accommodation desk after the above deadline.

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Need flight tickets?

If you need assistance to book flight tickets or any other tickets, please feel free to contact the accommodation desk.

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Cancellation Policy
4 days before your check-in date Free
3-1 days before your check-in date 20% of the total fee
Up to 12:00 noon on the day of arrival 50% of the total fee
No-show or cancellation after 12:00 noon on the day of arrival 100% of the total fee

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ICOMC2014 Accommodation Desk

(c/o JTB Hokkaido Corporate Sales Division, Sapporo)
8th Floor, Urbannet Sapporo Bldg.,
Kita 1-jo, Nishi 6-chome 1-2, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Japan
TEL: +81-11-221-4800 FAX: +81-11-222-5102

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JTB Corp. Guidelines For The Protection of Personal Information

As a member of the JTB group, we have established our corporate credo of helping to create a peaceful and richly satisfying society by bringing together people of different regions and nations. As our philosophy under the credo, we are endeavoring to increase our corporate value through constant reform of our operations by sincerely providing the best products and services as well as continuing to strive to provide the ultimate in customer satisfaction, while fulfilling open and fair corporate activities for the important reliance placed on us by our customers, business partners, and society. For the actualization of such credo and philosophy, we think that it is an indispensable requirement to securely protect personal information of all the people that are related to us, including our customers. Therefore, we will take the following measures.

  1. We will prepare the compliance program on protection of personal information that conforms to the JISQ15001 standard, and all our directors and employees will strictly observe it.
  2. We will collect, use, provide, and handle personal information in accordance with the above compliance program. We will legally and fairly collect such information within the range necessary to our business for use and provision within the aimed scope.
  3. We will take organizationally and technologically reasonable measures to prevent and correct loss, destruction, falsification, leakage, and other risks of all the personal information handled in our company, as well as illegal access to it.
  4. We will observe laws and ordinances on protection of personal information, guidelines, social norms, and public order and morals.
  5. We will constantly improve the compliance program and the personal information protection system through regular auditing and checking.

May 2013
JTB Hokkaido Corp. President Kazuyoshi FURUTA

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Other Hotels and Guests houses

The hotels and guesthouses introduced are within the 3,000- to 5,000-yen price range. (However, as prices may vary according to the period, please confirm via their own website.) Reservations need to be made directly by yourself.

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Application Form (Word)

Application Form (PDF)

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