Here is a list of airlines and surface transports.
To meet demand of high-end travellers, we suggest helicopter services between airports and heliports, and limousine services with attendants.
Please contact directly for your reservations.

Air Lines

  • International
  • Domestic


Hokkaido Aviation
Address Sapporo Okadama Airport 63 Okadamacho Higashi-ku Sapporo Hokkaido
TEL +81-11-781-1247
TEL +81-136-44-1111
For reservations, contact to Hilton Niseko Village


Address Hasegawa bldg. 2F 5-7 5cho-me Chuo1jo Shiroishi-ku Sapporo Hokkaido
TEL +81-11-865-9000
Address 1-10 4cho-me Chuo3jo Siroishi-ku Sapporo Hokkaido
TEL +81-11-813-0880
A vehicle perfectly suit your plan will be arranged from among a variety of car models.
VARI-CAB is convenient when you travel around Sapporo area, including Chitose, Yoichi, Otaru, Niseko, Takikawa and Yubari.
A service for arranging Interpreter/Tour guide is available.
Please contact VARI-CAB for more information.
Central Limousine Service Sapporo
Address 5-11 4cho-me Kawazoi5jo Minami-ku Sapporo Hokkaido
TEL +81-11-303-8600
Central Limousine Service Sapporo offer you a comfortable and relaxed cruise.
You can enjoy Hokkaido's natural beauty from a car window while cruising around Sapporo and surrounding areas.
For more information, please contact Central Limousine Service Sapporo.
Address Naebo-Ekimae bldg. 3F 26 Higashi14cho-me Kita2jo Chuo-ku Sapporo Hokkaido
TEL +81-11-210-7255

Hokkaido Luxury Travel Center
Kitaguchi Yoshiya Building 7F 8-3, Kita 7-jo Nishi 4-chome,Kita-ku, Sapporo-shi Hokkaido 060 - 0807, JAPAN
Tel : +81-11-299-5910  Fax : +81-11-299-5911  E-mail :
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