Here is a list of interpreters available in Hokkaido.
They are based in Hokkaido, mainly Sapporo and full of local knowledge.
You can contact them through this page by just clicking their names and mail screen will appear.

This page is for English speaking visitors to arrange interpreters or tour guides in Hokkaido.
You can use this directory to find a freelance interpreter or language services providers. These are professional categories of interpreters who have successfully passed natioal or regional licence for interpreter and guide or have experienced conference interpretation. Please contact them directly using the contact details provided.

Contracts are made directly between the client and the provider, and it is important that all terms and conditions of work be understood and agreed prior to placing an order.

Hokkaido Luxury Travel Center is not responsible for dispute arising between its registered interpreters and the clients.

Ms. ARIZUMI, Saori Conference Buisiness Tour guide
Ms. AMINO, Masako   Buisiness Tour guide
Ms. EMOTO, Yasuko     Tour guide
Ms. ETO, Sumiko     Tour guide
Ms. FUJII, Masayo   Buisiness Tour guide
Ms. IKEDA, Miyuki     Tour guide
Ms. IWASAKI, Nobuko Conference Buisiness Tour guide
Ms. KIMI, Kumie   Buisiness Tour guide
Ms. NAKAJIMA, Yasuyo     Tour guide
Ms. NARITA, Kiyoe   Buisiness Tour guide
Ms. SHIMODA, Chikako   Buisiness Tour guide
Mr. SUGAWARA, Takeo     Tour guide
Ms. TAKAI, Satsuki Conference Buisiness Tour guide
Ms. TAKEDA, Masako   Buisiness Tour guide
Ms. WAHEI, Tomoko     Tour guide

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